Flagstone Cleaning, Repair and Restoration EXPERT FLAGSTONE SERVICES Whether used for a garden path or a back patio, flagstone imparts a natural aesthetic to outdoor spaces. Beyond its visual appeal, flagstone stands resilient against various weather conditions, though it may become slightly warm underfoot during sunny seasons. Generally, flagstone presents a low-maintenance choice for outdoor […]

Quarry / Cantera

Cantera Cleaning, Repair and Restoration Don’t Blow Your Top Over This Volcanic Rock Cantera is a uniquely beautiful quarried volcanic rock used for fountains, door frames, range hoods, balustrades, fireplaces, pool copings and surrounds, tiles, columns and more. Susceptible to scratching, scuffing and dulling, particularly in areas of high use, cantera is, nevertheless, a durable […]


Onyx Cleaning, Repair and Restoration ONYX REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE AZ Stone Restoration specializes in expert and professional onyx cleaning, polishing, sealing, repair, restoration, and maintenance services for onyx floors and surfaces in both residential and commercial properties. Whatever your need, we can restore the head-turning, translucent beauty of your onyx so it looks just as […]


Terracotta Cleaning, Repair and Restoration However, time can get the best of these surfaces if not maintained properly. The waxes and polishes originally applied to Saltillo, Mexican tiles, terracotta, and pavers them easy to clean and maintain, but after many years, buildup and soiling becomes evident. Grout lines may also become black with embedded dirt […]


Limestone Cleaning, Repair and Restoration Many limestones come in a honed (matte) finish, requiring proper sealing and occasional professional maintenance. Despite being prone to scratching and etching, these issues can be effortlessly resolved with AZ Stone Restoration. Our limestone restoration service technicians in Arizona are adept at effectively performing limestone restoration services. Given that limestone […]


Slate Cleaning, Repair and Restoration EXPERT SLATE SERVICES Slate encompasses a diverse range of geological characteristics, from roofing-quality types (non-porous) to others that are quite porous and may contain calcite. If your slate looks dull and unattractive, aggressive cleaning may exacerbate the issue, but professional slate services can make a significant difference. Proper cleaning and […]


Granite Cleaning, Repair and Restoration Restoring Your Granite to Like New! Are your granite tiles uneven, making cleaning a challenge? AZ Stone Restoration utilizes state-of-the-art diamond grinding technology to create a flat, level surface by removing excess stone, ensuring your granite tile floor aligns seamlessly with grout lines. If your granite floors or countertops display […]


Saltillo Cleaning, Repair and Restoration Terracotta: Timeless Beauty with Time-Tested Restoration Terracotta surfaces, including Saltillo, Mexican tiles, and pavers, exude timeless beauty. However, without proper maintenance, the effects of time become apparent. While the original waxes and polishes make these surfaces easy to clean and maintain, years of buildup and soiling can take their toll. […]


Removes deeply embedded soiling.Strips away years of buildup from unsightly topical treatments.Addresses specific cleaning problems like soap film, soot on fireplaces, and more. Honing or polishing as needed to remove scratches and etching.Periodic re-polishing and sealing for honed and polished finishes.Custom finish options for a refreshed appearance. Levels uneven tiles and erases wear patterns, scratches, […]


Renew Your Quartzite Surfaces with Professional Care If your quartzite surfaces have succumbed to wear, scratches, soiling, or stains, or if you’ve noticed chips, cracks, or holes, it’s time for professional refinishing. Look no further because we are your trusted provider of quartzite repair, restoration, and maintenance services in Arizona. Az Stone Restoration is here […]